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Standard & Metric Stainless Steel Fastener Products

Nuts and Bolts Etc. has a very large inventory of American standard & metric stainless steel items from which to choose. Our inventory of stainless steel products include items such as stainless socket caps, high collar lockwashers, cold forged wing nuts, fender washers, machine pan slotted, machine flat slotted, stainless steel hex nuts, internal & external tooth lockwashers and so much more.

Peruse our product list below and don’t hesitate to fill out our online fastener submission form and alternatively; feel free to call, email, or fax us to inquire about the below products or to inquire about a special order need.

Burnett Products looks forward to servicing your stainless steel fastener needs.

Please keep in mind that our inventory goes beyond what you see to the right.

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Part Name Part Size
Socket Head Cap 2-56 thru 5/8-11
Flat Head Socket Cap 4-40 thru 1/2-13
Button Head Socket Cap 2-56 thru 1/2-13
Socket Set Cup PT 4-40 thru 1/2-13
Stainless Dowel Pins 1/16-1/2
Socket Shoulder 3/16-3/4
High Collar Lockwashers #4 thru 5/8
Stainless Steel Hex Nuts 2-56 thru 1-3/4-8 / 1/4-28 thru 5/8-18
Stainless Hex Jam Nuts 1/4-20 thru 1-3/4-8
Nylon Insert Locknuts 6-32 thru 3/4-10 / 10-32 thru 1/2-20
Cold Forged Wing Nuts 10-24 thru 3/8-16
Stainless Acorn Nuts 6-32 thru 3/8-16
Flat Washers #2 thru 1-3/4
Stainless Lockwashers #2 thru 1-3/4
Fender Washers 3/16 thru 1/2
Internal Tooth Lockwashers #2 thru 5/16
External Tooth Lockwashers #2 thru 5/16
Stainless Steel Hex Cap 10-24 thru 3/4-10
Machine Pan Slotted 2-56 thru 1/4-20
Machine Flat Slotted 2-56 thru 3/8-16
Machine Pan Phillips 2-56 thru 1/4-20
Machine Flat Phillips 2-56 thru 1/4-20
Machine Oval Phillips 6-32 thru 1/4-20
Tapping Pan Phillips #4 thru 14
Tapping Flat Phillips #4 thru 14
Tapping Oval Phillips #4 thru 14
Tapping Hex W/HD Slotted #4 thru 14
Stainless Cotter Pins 1/16-1/4
Stainless Steel Roll Pins 1/16-1/4
Metric Stainless Steel Fasteners:
Socket Head Cap M2-.40 thru M16-2.00
Flat Head Socket Cap M3-.50 thru M12-1.75
Button Head Socket Cap M3-.50 thru M10-1.50
Socket Set Cup PT M3-.50 thru M10-1.50
Stainless Steel Hex Nuts M2-.40 thru M16-2.00
Stainless Hex Jam Nuts M3-.50 thru M16-2.00
Nylon Insert Locknuts M4-.70 thru M12-1.75
Cold Forged Wing Nuts M4-.70 thru M10-1.50
Stainless Acorn Nuts M4-.70 thru M10-1.50
Stainless Flat Washers M2 thru M20
Stainless Lockwashers M2 thru M20
Internal Tooth Lockwashers M2 thru M6
External Tooth Lockwasher M2 thru M6
Stainless Steel Hex Cap M3-.50 thru M12-1.75
Machine Pan Slotted M2-.40 thru M6-1.00
Machine Flat Slotted M2-.40 thru M12-1.75
Machine Pan Phillips M2-.40 thru M6-1.00
Machine Flat Phillips M2-.40 thru M6-1.00
Machine Oval Phillips M2-.40 thru M6-1.00

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