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Standard & Metric Brass & Nylon Fastener Products

Nuts and Bolts Etc. has an enormous inventory of metric & American standard nylon & brass fasteners from which to choose. Our inventory of nylon & brass fasteners include items such as brass hex nuts, silicon bronze lockwashers (internal & external tooth), nylon hex nuts, nylon flat washers, brass & nylon machine flat SLT, and so much more.

Peruse our product list below and don’t hesitate to fill out our online fastener submission form and alternatively; feel free to call, email, or fax us to inquire about the below products or to inquire about a special order need.

Burnett Products looks forward to servicing your American standard & metric brass & nylon fasteners needs.

Please keep in mind that our inventory goes beyond what you see below.

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Part Name Part Size
Brass Hex Nuts 4-40 thru 3/4-10
Brass Hex Jam Nuts 1/4-20 thru 5/8-11
Brass Flat Washers #4-1/2
Silicon Bronze Lockwashers #4-1/2
Silicon Bronze Internal Lockwashers #4-1/4
Silicon Bronze External Lockwashers #4-1/4
Brass Hex Cap 1/4-20 thru 3/8-16
Brass Machine Round SLT 4-40 thru 10-24
Brass Machine Flat SLT 4-40 thru 1/2-13
Brass Wood Flat Phillips #4 thru #14
Nylon Hex Nuts 4-40 thru 1/2-13
Nylon Flat Washers #6 thru 3/8
Nylon Machine Round SLT 4-40 thru 1/4-20
Nylon Machine Flat SLT 4-40 thru 1/4-20
Metric Brass & Nylon Fasteners:
Brass Hex Nut M3-.50 thru M12-1.75
Brass Flat Washer M3 thru M12
BronzeLockwashers M4 thru M12
Brass Hex Cap M6-1.00 thru M12-1.75
Brass Machine Pan SLT M3-.50 thru M6-1.00
Brass Machine Flat SLT M3-.50 thru M8-1.25
Nylon Hex Nuts M3-.50 thru M8-1.25
Nylon Flat Washers M3 thru M6
Nylon Machine Screws Pan SLT M2-.40 thru M6-1.00
Nylon Flat SLT M3-.50 thru M10-1.50
Nylon Pan Phillips M4-.70 thru M6-1.00

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